If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

"I like coming here, because the people are just so sweet to me.  Every time I come in we always have fun talking about our days and just making laughter.  I’m going to miss coming all the time, but they are great people, and I’m grateful for such great friends." ~ Jordan Godwin

"I enjoy coming to this place knowing that I’ll be taken care of!  I feel at home when I’m here and the staff is very cooperative." ~ Crystal Lopez

"I can’t say enough about Dr. Ray and the staff.  I have had wonderful experiences with both of my daughters and now myself.  Dr. Ray is the best!  I recommend anyone with orthodontic needs to use Dr. Ray." ~ Sunny Dear

"Dear Dr. Ray,

     I want to thank you for being an amazing orthodontist for about the past four years. You have been extremely patient, dedicated, and hardworking to help me achieve perfect teeth. I truly appreciate your dedication as I know I was a very, very complicated case for you!

     Before I got braces on, I felt very unconfident with my appearance. I felt that I could not smile with my teeth and people would always tell me that I did not smile enough. I came across a little unfriendly due to the fact that I did not smile enough which is certainly not the case! I felt extremely insecure to even smile with my missing tooth and very crooked teeth. However, as I progressed with my braces treatment and my teeth started to slowly look better I began to smile so much more. I was able to be more outgoing and not worried about what other people would think about my teeth. I am no longer ashamed to smile big or laugh loudly because I have absolutely beautiful teeth thanks to you. This past year I have really smiled more than I have in my entire life.

     While going through my braces journey, I started to think that I would absolutely love to be an orthodontist one day. Since I will be a junior in high school this year, I have started thinking about some careers I would love to pursue and am seriously considering an orthodontist! Orthodontist do more than give people a perfect smile, but help to fix one's entire self-esteem. In addition, I think it is so fascinating how teeth can move and how each case is so unique. There are so many wires, tools and equipment orthodontists use that all just work together to create perfect teeth. I have really enjoyed coming every single time to your office not only because each time I was one step closer to achieving perfect teeth, but it was so interesting seeing you work with teeth. While orthodontics is quite complex, overall it seemd like an incredible job since you are able to give someone a beautiful smile for a lifetime (unless they don't wear their retainer!)

     Once again, I want to thank you for being the best orthodontist anyone could ever ask for. You are extremely phenomenal at what you do and it is because of you that I am now able to smile and feel great about myself. My confidence has just increased throughout my braces journey. Today, when I got home, I changed my profile picture on Facebook to one with me smiling with my teeth. I have never posted a single with my teeth before. I know that I will keep smiling brightly now that my braces are off. I will forever be grateful for you giving me the best gift anyone could ever receive in their life!

     Many Thanks,

     Sonia M"

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